Marcelo Soares

Marcelo Soares

Institute of Marine Sciences (LABOMAR)
&  Universitàt Autònoma de Barcelona

Instituto de Ciências do Mar (LABOMAR), Universidade Federal do Ceará (UFC), Abolição Avenue, 3207, 60165081, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

Research interests

Ecology, Benthic habitat mapping, Conservation, Human impacts


  Please note that only publications relevant to mesophotic reefs are indexed.

Mesophotic ecosystems: coral and fish assemblages in a tropical marginal reef (northeastern Brazil) | article
Soares MO, Davis M, de Paiva CC, de Macêdo Carneiro PB (2016)
Mar Biodiv 48:1631–1636

Mesophotic ecosystems: Distribution, impacts and conservation in the South Atlantic | review
de Oliveira Soares M, Tavares TCL, Carneiro PB (2018)
Diversity and Distributions 25:255-268

Towards large and remote protected areas in the South Atlantic Ocean: St. Peter and St. Paul´s Archipelago and the Vitória-Trindade Seamount Chain | article
de Oliveira Soares M, Lucas CC (2018)
Marine Policy 93:101-103

Why do mesophotic coral ecosystems have to be protected? | article
Soares MO, Araújo JT, Ferreira SMC, Santos BA, Boavida JRH, Costantini F, Costantini F, Rossi S (2020)
Science of The Total Environment

Research keywords
Research platform experience
  SCUBA (open-circuit or unspecified)
  Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
  Sonar / Multibeam
  In-situ instrumentation
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