Sarah Groves

Sarah Groves

National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS) Marine Spatial Ecology Division
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  (United States of America)

101 Pivers Island Rd Beaufort, NC 28516

Research interests

  Please note that only publications relevant to mesophotic reefs are indexed.

Growth rates of Porites astreoides and Orbicella franksi in mesophotic habitats surrounding St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands | article
Groves SH, Holstein DM, Enochs IC, Kolodzeij G, Manzello DP, Brandt ME, Smith TB (2018)
Coral Reefs 37: 345–354

The United States Virgin Islands | chapter
Smith TB, Brandt ME, Brandtneris VW, Ennis RS, Groves SH, Habtes S, Holstein DM, Kadison E, Nemeth RS (2019)
in: Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems (Springer) by Loya Y, Puglise KA, Bridge TCL
Predicting the distribution of threatened orbicellid corals in shallow and mesophotic reef ecosystems | article
Egan KE, Viehman TS, Holstein DM, Poti M, Groves SH, Smith TB (2021)
Mar Ecol Prog Ser 667:61-81

Ecosystem Services of Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems and a Call for Better Accounting | chapter
Holstein DM, Fletcher P, Groves SH, Smith TB (2019)
in: Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems (Springer) by Loya Y, Puglise KA, Bridge TCL
Research keywords
Research platform experience
  Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
  Sonar / Multibeam
  Coring / drilling
  In-situ instrumentation
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