Surface-deployed sensors and samplers

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Benthic community composition of temperate mesophotic ecosystems (TMEs) in New Zealand: sponge domination and contribution to habitat complexity | article
Harris B, Bell JJ, Davy SK (2021)
Mar Ecol Prog Ser 671:21-43

Zooplankton community associated with mesophotic coral reefs in the Colombian Caribbean Sea | article
Criales-Hernández MI, Jerez-Guerrero M, Rodríguez-Rubio E, Benavides-Serrato M (2021)
Regional Studies in Marine Science 45:101843

Gulf of Mexico blue hole harbors high levels of novel microbial lineages | article
Patin NV, Dietrich ZA, Stancil A, Quinan M, Beckler JS, Hall ER, Culter J, Smith CG, Taillefert M, Stewart FJ (2021)
ISME J 15:2206–2232

Biogeochemical variability and trophic status of reef water column following a coral bleaching event | article
Radice VZ, Fry B, Dove SG, Hoegh-Guldberg O (2021)
Coral Reefs 40:1-7

Drivers of megabenthic community structure in one of the world’s deepest silled-fjords, Sognefjord (Western Norway) | article
Meyer HK, Roberts EM, Mienis F, Rapp HT (2020)
Front Mar Sci 7:393

Flow structures over mesophotic coral ecosystems in the eastern Gulf of Mexico | article
Valle-Levinson A, Kourafalou VH, Smith RH, Androulidakis Y (2020)
Cont Shelf Res 207:104219

Characteristics of shallow and mesophotic environments of the Pemba Channel, Tanzania: Implications for management and conservation | article
Osuka KE, McClean C, Stewart BD, Bett BJ, Le Bas T, Howe J, Abernerthy C, Yahya S, Obura D, Samoilys M (2020)
Ocean Coast Manage

Habitat mapping of cold-water corals in the Mediterranean Sea | chapter
Lo Iacono C, Savini A, Huvenne VA, Gràcia E (2019)
in: Coral Reefs of the World (Springer) by Riegl BM, Dodge RE
Organically enriched sediments and foraminiferal species from the Açu Reef, indicators of upwelling in NE Brazil? | article
Eichler PPB, Silva LLDN, Andrade AUd, Martins JFdO, Farias CLCd, Moura DS, Amorim A, Marinho L, Vital H, Gomes MP (2019)
Marine Geology 417:106016

The Rarity of Depth Refugia from Coral Bleaching Heat Stress in the Western and Central Pacific Islands | article
Venegas RM, Oliver T, Liu G, Heron SF, Clark SJ, Pomeroy N, Young C, Eakin CM, Brainard RE (2019)
Sci Rep

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