Surface-deployed sensors and samplers

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Transplantation Tests of Precious Coral Fragments Using Small-sized Artificial Substratum | article
Koido T, Toshino S, Kumon F, Nakachi S, Yoshimoto N, Mezaki T (2022)
Zool Stud 61:e46

Spatial dynamics of the quantity and diversity of natural and artificial hard bottom habitats in the eastern Gulf of Mexico | article
Keenan SF, Switzer TS, Knapp A, Weather EJ, Davis J (2022)
Continental Shelf Research 233:104633

Improved biodiversity detection using a large-volume environmental DNA sampler with in situ filtration and implications for marine eDNA sampling st... | article
Govindarajan AF, McCartin L, Adams A, Allan E, Belani A, Francolini R, Fujii J, Gomez-Ibañez D, Kukulya A, Marin F, Tradd K, Yoerger DR, McDermott JM, Herrera S (2022)
Deep Sea Res Part 1 Oceanogr Res Pap 189:103871

Novel mesophotic kelp forests in the Galápagos archipelago | article
Buglass S, Kawai H, Hanyuda T, Harvey E, Donner S, De la Rosa J, Keith I, Bermúdez JR, Altamirano M (2022)
Mar Biol 169:156

Benthic community zonation from mesophotic to deep sea: Description of first deep-water kelp forest and coral gardens in the Madeira archipelago (c... | article
Braga-Henriques A, Buhl-Mortensen P, Tokat E, Martins A, Silva T, Jakobsen J, Canning-Clode J, Jakobsen K, Delgado J, Voirand T, Biscoito M (2022)
Front Mar Sci

Water column and bottom gradients on the continental shelf eastward of the Amazon River mouth and implications for mesophotic reef occurrence | article
Asp NE, Gomes JD, Gomes VJ, Omachi CY, Silva AM, Siegle E, Serrao PF, Thompson CC, Nogueira LC, Francini-Filho RB, de Rezende CE, Thompson FL, de Mahiques MM (2022)
Journal of Marine Systems 225:103642

Spatiotemporal and ecological distribution of megabenthic non-crustacean invertebrates in an ultra-oligotrophic gulf, the eastern Mediterranean Sea | article
Garuti A, Mutlu E (2021)
Journal of Marine Systems 224:103644

Current and sea level control the demise of shallow carbonate production on a tropical bank (Saya de Malha Bank, Indian Ocean) | article
Betzler C, Lindhorst S, Lüdmann T, Reijmer JJ, Braga J-C, Bialik OM, Reolid J, Eisermann JO, Emeis K, Rixen T, Bissessur D (2021)
Geology 49:1431-1435

Drill cuttings and drilling fluids (muds) transport, fate and effects near a coral reef mesophotic zone | article
Jones R, Wakeford M, Currey-Randall L, Miller K, Tonin H (2021)
Mar Pollut Bull 172:112717

Effects of global warming on Mediterranean coral forests | article
Chimienti G, De Padova D, Adamo M, Mossa M, Bottalico A, Lisco A, Ungaro N, Mastrototaro F (2021)
Sci Rep 11:20703

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