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Two newly recorded echinoderms from the mesophotic zone in Korea | article
Ubagan MD, Lee J, Shin S, Lee T (2023)
Journal of Species Research 12:180-188

Genetic diversity patterns of lionfish in the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean reveal a rapidly expanding stepping‑stone bioinvasion process | article
Maggioni R, Rocha RS, Viana JT, Giarrizzo T, Rabelo EF, Ferreira CE, Sampaio CL, Pereira PH, Rocha LA, Rocha LA, Tavares TC, Soares MO (2023)
Sci Rep 13:13469

Spatio-temporal patterns of the crustacean demersal fishery discard from the south Humboldt Current System, based on scientific observer program (2... | article
Landaeta MF, Hernández-Santoro C, Search FV, Castillo MI, Bernal C, Navarrete SA, Wieters EA, Beldade R, Navarro Campoi A, Pérez-Matus A (2023)
PLoS ONE 18:e0281932

Fish community assessment of shelf-edge artificial reefs along east-central Florida | article
McCallister MP, Oppenborn J, Ajemian MJ. (2023)
Fish Res 259:106561

Phylogeography of mesophotic coral ecosystems: squirrelfish and soldierfish (Holocentriformes: Holocentridae) | article
Copus JM, Walsh CAJ, Hoban ML, Lee AM, Pyle RL, Kosaki RK, Toonen RJ, Bowen BW (2022)
Diversity 14:691

Age frequency, growth, mortality, and PAH levels of roughtongue bass (Pronotogrammus martinicensis) following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill | article
Biermann LK, Szedlmayer ST (2021)
Mar Pollut Bull 166:112214

Habitat use plasticity by the dog snapper (Lutjanus jocu) across the Abrolhos Bank shelf, eastern Brazil, inferred from otolith chemistry | article
Menezes R, Moura PE, Santos AC, Moraes LE, Condini MV, Rosa RS, Albuquerque CQ (2021)
Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 263:107637

Involving fishers in scaling up the restoration of cold-water coral gardens on the Mediterranean continental shelf | article
Montseny M, Linares C, Viladrich N, Biel M, Gracias N, Baena P, Quintanilla E, Ambroso S, Grinyó J, Santín A, Salazar J, Carreras M, Palomeras N, Magí L, Vallicrosa G, Gili J, Gori A (2021)
Biol Conserv 262:109301

High coral bycatch in bottom-set gillnet coastal fisheries reveals rich coral habitats in Southern Portugal | article
Dias V, Oliveira F, Boavida J, Serrão EA, Gonçalves JMS, Coelho MAG (2020)
Front Mar Sci 7:603438

Fish biodiversity of Saint Peter and Saint Paulʼs Archipelago, Mid‐Atlantic Ridge, Brazil: new records and a species database | article
Pinheiro HT, Macena BC, Francini‐Filho RB, Ferreira CE, Albuquerque FV, Bezerra NP, Carvalho‐Filho A, Ferreira RC, Luiz OJ, Mello TJ, Mendonça SA. (2020)
Journal of fish biology 97:1143-53

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