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Diving For Science 2005 Proceedings of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences 24th Annual Symposium | report
Godfrey JM, Shumway SE (2005)
Proceedings of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences
Plumbing the depths with environmental DNA (eDNA): Metabarcoding reveals biodiversity zonation at 45–60 m on mesophotic coral reefs | article
Hoban ML, Bunce M, Bowen BW (2023)
Mol Ecol 32:5590-5608

Dominance of photo over chromatic acclimation strategies by habitat-forming mesophotic red algae | article
Voerman SE, Marsh BC, Bahia RG, Pereira-Filho GH, Becker AC, Amado-Filho GM, Ruseckas A, Turnbull GA, Samuel ID, Burdett HL (2023)
Proc R Soc B 290:20231329

Domination of mesophotic ecosystems in the Wakatobi Marine National Park (Indonesia) by sponges, soft corals and other non-hard coral species | article
Bell JJ, Jompa J, Haris A, Werorilangi S, Shaffer M, Mortimer C (2019)
J Mar Biol Assoc UK 99:771–775

Wide-Area Three-Dimensional Imaging of Mesophotic Coral Reefs Using a Low-Cost AUV | article
Noguchi Y, Humblet M, Furushima Y, Ito S, Maki T (2022)
Marine Technology Society 4:74-89

Mesophotic coral bleaching associated with changes in thermocline depth | article
Diaz C, Foster NL, Attrill MJ, Bolton A, Ganderton P, Howell KL, Robinson E, Hosegood P (2023)
Nature communications 14:6528

On a Remarkable New Genus and Species of Alpheid Shrimps (Malacostraca: Decapoda: Caridea) from the Tropical Western Atlantic | article
Anker A (2023)
Arthropoda 1:398-414

Does depth divide? Variable genetic connectivity patterns among shallow and mesophotic Montastraea cavernosa coral populations across the Gulf of M... | article
Sturm AB, Eckert RJ, Carreiro AM, Klein AM, Studivan MS, Dodge Farelli D, Simões N, González‐Díaz P, González Méndez J, Voss JD (2023)
Ecol Evol 13:e10622

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