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Depth-dependent parental effects create invisible barriers to coral dispersal | article
Shlesinger T, Loya Y (2021)
Communications Biology

Mesophotic coral communities escape thermal coral bleaching in French Polynesia | article
Pérez-Rosales G, Rouzé H, Torda G, Bongaerts P, Pichon M, Under The Pole Consortium, Parravicini V, Hédouin L (2021)
R Soc Open Sci 8:210139

Symbiodiniaceae conduct under natural bleaching stress during advanced gametogenesis stages of a mesophotic coral | article
Eyal G, Eyal-Shaham L, Loya Y (2021)
Coral Reefs 40:959–964

Gorgonians are foundation species on sponge-dominated mesophotic coral reefs in the Caribbean | article
Slattery M, Lesser MP (2021)
Front Mar Sci 8:654268

Unexplored refugia with high cover of scleractinian Leptoseris spp. and hydrocorals Stylaster flabelliformis at lower mesophotic depths (75–100 m) ... | article
Hoarau L, Rouzé H, Boissin E, Gravier-Bonnet N, Plantard P, Loisil C, Bigot L, Chabanet P, Labarrère P, Penin L, Adjeroud M, Mulochau T (2021)

Symbiotic associations of the deepest recorded photosynthetic scleractinian coral (172 m depth) | article
Rouzé H, Galand PE, Medina M, Bongaerts P, Pichon M, Pérez-Rosales G, Torda G, Moya A, Under The Pole Consortium, Raina J-B, Hédouin L (2021)

Biodiversity and ecological units of the mesophotic coral ecosystems in San Andrés Island, SeaFlower Biosphere Reserve | article
Chasqui L, Mejía-Quintero K, González JD (2020)
Front Mar Sci 7:559273

Chronicles of deep reef flowers: A phylogenetic monograph of the Family Kallymeniaceae (Rhodophyta) associated with the mesophotic coral ecosystems... | thesis
Cabrera FCP (2020)

A new species of Chromis damselfish from the tropical western Atlantic (Teleostei, Pomacentridae) | article
McFarland EP, Baldwin CC, Robertson DR, Rocha LA, Tornabene L (2020)
Zookeys 1008:107-138

Energy sources of the depth-generalist mixotrophic coral Stylophora pistillata | article
Martinez S, Kolodny Y, Shemesh E, Scucchia F, Nevo R, Levin-Zaidman S, Paltiel Y, Keren N, Tchernov D, Mass T (2020)
Front Mar Sci 7:566663

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