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Two new species of Plectranthias (Teleostei, Serranidae, Anthiadinae) from mesophotic coral ecosystems in the tropical Central Pacific | article
Shepherd B, Phelps TAY, Pinheiro HT, Rocha CR, Rocha LA (2020)
Zookeys 941:145-161

Photophysiology of a mesophotic coral 3 years after transplantation to a shallow environment | article
Ben-Zvi O, Tamir R, Keren N, Tchernov D, Berman-Frank I, Kolodny Y, Benaltabet T, Bavli H, Friedman M, Glanz-Idan N, Traugott H, Loya Y, Eyal G (2020)
Coral Reefs 39:903-913

Reciprocal-transplantation between shallow and mesophotic stony corals | article
Tamir R, Ben-Zvi O, Eyal G, Kramer N, Loya Y (2020)
Mar Environ Res 161:105035

Prognathodes geminus, a new species of butterflyfish (Teleostei, Chaetodontidae) from Palau | article
Copus JM, Pyle RL, Greene BD, Randall JE (2019)
Zookeys 835:125-137

Corals in the mesophotic zone (40–115 m) at the barrier reef complex from San Andrés Island (Southwestern Caribbean) | article
Sánchez JA, González-Zapata FL, Dueñas LF, Andrade J, Pico-Vargas AL, Vergara DC, Sarmiento A, Bolaños N (2019)
Front Mar Sci 6:536

Fishes found in mesophotic environments of Bajo Frijol, the shallowest portion of the Corales de Profundidad Natural National Park, using CCR techn... | article
Velasco LHC, González JD (2019)
Bol Invest Mar Cost 48:89-101

Exploring mesophotic depth refuges on coral reefs | thesis
Laverick JH (2019)

Cirrhilabrus wakanda, a new species of fairy wrasse from mesophotic ecosystems of Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa (Teleostei, Labridae) | article
Tea YK, Pinheiro HT, Shepherd B, Rocha LA (2019)
Zookeys 863:85-96

Collections from the mesophytic zone off Bermuda reveal three species of Kallymeniaceae (gigartinales, rhodophyta) in genera with transoceanic dist... | article
Schneider, C.W., Popolizio, T.R., Saunders, G.W. (2019)
J Phycol 55:415-424

The cavernicolous swimming crab Atoportunus dolichopus Takeda, 2003 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Portunidae) reported for the first time in the Western In... | article
Barathieu G, Konieczny O, Poupin J (2019)
West Ind Oc J Mar Sci 18:107–111

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