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Shallow-water Desmophyllum dianthus (Scleractinia) from Chile: characteristics of the biocoenoses, the bioeroding community, heterotrophic interact... | chapter
Försterra G, Beuck L, Häussermann V, Freiwald A (2005)
in: Cold-water corals and Ecosystems () by Freiwald A, Roberts JM
Cold seeps and benthic habitat on the Pacific margin of Canada | article
Barrie JV, Cook S, Conway KW (2011)
Continental Shelf Research 31:s85-s92

A new species of sea whip gorgonian-associated zoantharian (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Hexacorallia: Parazoanthidae) from the Ryukyu Islands, Japan, with ... | article
Fujii T, dos Santos MEA, Reimer JD (2021)
Zoolog Sci 38:466-480

Broad-scale benthic community analysis in the Greater Minch Area (Scottish west coast) using remote and nondestructive techniques | article
Pinn EH, Robertson MR, Shand CW, Armstrong F (1998)
Int J Remote Sens 19:3039-3054

Characterizing benthic substrates of Santa Monica Bay with seafloor photography and multibeam sonar imagery | article
Edwards BD, Dartnell P, Chezar H (2003)
Mar Environ Res 56:47-66

Complete mitochondrial genome of Carijoa riisei (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1860) (Octocorallia: Alcyonacea: Stolonifera: Clavulariidae) | article
Easton EE, Hicks D (2020)
Mitochondrial DNA Part B 5:1826–1827

five new species of black coral (anthozoa; antipatharia) from the great barrier reef and coral sea, australia | article
Horowitz J, Opresko D, Molodtsova TN, Beaman RJ, Cowman PF, Bridge TCL (2022)
Zootaxa 5213:1-35

resolving the depth zonation paradox in reef-building corals | article
Roberts TE, Bridge TCL, Caley MJ, Madin JS, Baird AH (2019)
Ecology 100:e02761

Acknowledging differences: number, characteristics, and distribution of marine benthic communities along Taiwan coast | article
Lin YV, Denis V (2019)
Ecosphere 10:e02803

Trophic plasticity of mixotrophic corals under contrasting environments | article
Sturaro N, Hsieh YE, Chen Q, Wang PL, Denis V (2021)
Funct Ecol 35:2841-2855

A new association between goblet worms (Entoprocta) and xeniid corals (Cnidaria) | article
Denis V, Lin YTV, Ho MJ (2017)
Marine Biodiversity 49:487-493

Coordinated hunting behaviors of mixed-species groups of piscivores and associated species at Isla del Coco National Park (Eastern Tropical Pacific) | article
Auster PJ, Cortés J, Alvarado JJ, Beita-Jiménez A (2019)
Neotrop Ichthyol 17:e180165

facilitative behavioral interactions between deepwater piscivores at isla del coco national park and las gemelas seamount, Costa Rica | article
Auster PJ, Sánchez-Jiménez A, Rodríguez-Arrieta JA, Quesada AJ, Pérez C, Naranjo-Elizondo B, Blum S, Cortés J (2016)
Rev Biol Trop 64:187-S196

updated catalogue of bony fishes observed in deep waters at isla del coco national park and las gemelas seamount, costa rica (eastern tropical paci... | article
Sánchez-Jiménez A, Naranjo-Elizondo B, Rodríguez-Arrieta A, Quesada AJ, Blum S, McCosker JE, Robertson DR, Auster PJ, Cortés J (2018)
Rev Biol Trop 66:S1-S113

Geomorphological drivers of deeper reef habitats around Seychelles | article
Swanborn DJB, Swanborn DJB, Fassbender N, Huvenne VAI, Pittman SJ, Stefanoudis PV, Woodall LC (2022)
Coral Reefs 41:1001-1016

Structure-from-motion photogrammetry demonstrates that fine-scale seascape heterogeneity is essential in shaping mesophotic fish assemblages | article
Swanborn DJB, Swanborn DJB, Stefanoudis PV, Huvenne VAI, Pittman SJ, Woodall LC (2022)
Remote Sens Ecol Conserv 8:904-920

Mapping ecological units in mesophotic coral ecosystems of San Andrés Island (Southwestern Caribbean) | article
Mejía-Quintero K, Cedeño-Posso C, Millán S, Chasqui L (2022)
Diversity 14:679

Distribution of deep-water scleractinian and stylasterid corals across abiotic environmental gradients on three seamounts in the Anegada Passage | article
Auscavitch SR, Lunden JJ, Barkman A, Quattrini AM, Demopoulos AW, Cordes EE (2020)
PeerJ 8:e9523

Mesophotic gorgonian corals evolved multiple times and faster than deep and shallow lineages | article
Sánchez JA, González-Zapata FL, Prada C, Dueñas LF (2021)
Diversity 13:650

Fishes found in mesophotic environments of Bajo Frijol, the shallowest portion of the Corales de Profundidad Natural National Park, using CCR techn... | article
Velasco LHC, González JD (2019)
Bol Invest Mar Cost 48:89-101

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