Scleractinia (Hard Corals)

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Growth and survival dynamics of mesophotic coral juveniles in shallow reefs | article
Kramer N, Eyal G, Tamir R, Loya Y (2022)
Mar Ecol Prog Ser 682:237-242

Diving deep on the reef slopes in French Polynesia: new insights into mesophotic coral ecosystems | thesis
Pérez-Rosales G (2022)
Theses France / PSL Université Paris
The complete mitochondrial genome of Dendrophyllia minuscula (Cnidaria: Scleractinia) from the NEOM region of the Northern Red Sea | article
Terraneo TI, Arrigoni R, Marchese F, Chimienti G, Eweida AA, Rodrigue M, Benzoni F (2022)
Mitochondrial DNA Part B 7:848-850

Green fluorescent protein-like pigments optimise the internal light environment in symbiotic reef-building corals | article
Bollati E, Lyndby NH, D'Angelo C, Kühl M, Wiedenmann J, Wangpraseurt D (2022)
Elife 11:e73521

Re-discovery of the type material of Leptoseris fragilis (Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Scleractinia) from the upper mesophotic in La Réunion, a taxonomic pu... | article
Benzoni F (2022)
Zootaxa 5178:596-600

Temporal gene expression patterns in the coral Euphyllia paradivisa reveal the complexity of biological clocks in the cnidarian-algal symbiosis | article
Rinsky M, Weizman E, Ben-Asher HW, Eyal G, Zhu B, Levy O (2022)
Science Advances 8:eabo6467

Author Correction: Limited acclimation of early life stages of the coral Seriatopora hystrix from mesophotic depth to shallow reefs | article
Prasetia R, Sinniger F, Nakamura T, Harii S (2022)
Sci Rep 12:15342

Deep connections: Divergence histories with gene flow in mesophotic Agaricia corals | article
Prata KE, Riginos C, Gutenkunst RN, Latijnhouwers KR, Sánchez JA, Englebert N, Hay KB, Bongaerts P (2022)
Mol Ecol 31:2511-27

Selective deep water coral bleaching occurs through depth isolation | article
Eyal G, Laverick JH, Ben-Zvi O, Brown KT, Kramer N, Tamir R, Lindemann Y, Levy O, Pandolfi JM. (2022)
Science of The Total Environment

Coral fluorescence: a prey-lure in deep habitats | article
Ben-Zvi O, Lindemann Y, Eyal G, Loya Y (2022)
Communications Biology 5:1-8

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