Scleractinia (Hard Corals)

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Limited acclimation of early life stages of the coral Seriatopora hystrix from mesophotic depth to shallow reefs | article
Prasetia R, Sinniger F, Nakamura T, Harii S (2022)
Sci Rep 12:12836

Inconsistency in community structure and ecological quality between platform and cliff coralligenous assemblages | article
Piazzi L, Ferrigno F, Guala I, Cinti MF, Conforti A, De Falco G, De Luca M, Grech D, La Manna G, Pascucci V, Pansini A (2022)
Ecol Indic 136:108657

Diversity, structure and spatial distribution of megabenthic communities in Cap de Creus continental shelf and submarine canyon (NW Mediterranean) | article
Dominguez-Carrió C, Riera JL, Robert K, Zabala M, Requena S, Gori A, Orejas C, Iacono CL, Estournel C, Corbera G, Ambroso S (2022)
Progr Oceanogr 208:102877

Coralligenous assemblages of continental shelf: Multiple spatial scale variability in the western Sardinia | article
Piazzi L, Falco GD, Luca MD, Guala I, Palomar AB, Conforti A, Pascucci V, Simeone S, Ceccherelli G (2022)
Continental Shelf Research

In the shadow of a giant reef: Palaeoecology of mesophotic coral communities from the Givetian of Anti-Atlas (Morocco) | article
Majchrzyk A, Jakubowicz M, Berkowski B, Bongaerts P, Zapalski MK (2022)
Palaeogeogr Palaeoclimatol Palaeoecol 602:111177

A coral hotspot from a hot past: The EECO and post-EECO rich reef coral fauna from Friuli (Eocene, NE Italy) | article
Bosellini FR, Benedetti A, Budd AF, Papazzoni CA (2022)
Palaeogeogr Palaeoclimatol Palaeoecol 607:111284

Symbiotic stony and soft corals: is their host-algae relationship really mutualistic at lower mesophotic reefs? | article
Ferrier‐Pagès C, Bednarz V, Grover R, Benayahu Y, Maguer JF, Rottier C, Wiedenmann J, Fine M (2022)
Limnol Oceanogr 67:261-271

Overview of the mesophotic coral ecosystems around Sesoko Island, Okinawa, Japan | article
Sinniger F, Albelda RL, Prasetia R, Rouzé H, Sitorus ED, Harii S. (2022)
Galaxea, J Coral Reef Stud 24:69-76

Morpho-functional traits of the coral Stylophora pistillata enhance light capture for photosynthesis at mesophotic depths | article
Kramer N, Guan J, Chen S, Wangpraseurt D, Loya Y (2022)
Communications Biology 5:861

Population genetic structure of the broadcast spawning coral, Montastraea cavernosa, demonstrates refugia potential of upper mesophotic populations... | article
Sturm AB, Eckert RJ, Carreiro AM, Voss JD (2022)
Coral Reefs 41:587-598

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